Employee Directory

Jim Blake

Phone: 508-543-4801 ext. 102
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: jblake@neponsetcontrols.com

Tom Blake, Jr.
Vice President / Treasurer

Phone: 508-543-4801 ext. 103
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: tblake@neponsetcontrols.com


Sharon Briggs

Inside Sales / Customer Service / Service Coordinator

Phone: 508-543-4801
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: sbriggs@neponsetcontrols.com

Carl Camelo
Information Technology Manager

Phone: 508-543-4801
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: ccamelo@neponsetcontrols.com

Glenn Cardarelli
Field Service Manager

Phone: 413-386-4366
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: GCardarelli@neponsetcontrols.com

Thomas Cummins
Outside Sales 

Territory:(Southern Connecticut and Rhode Island) 
Phone: 507-403-9405
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email:  tcummins@neponsetcontrols.com

Gary Ferreira
Outside Sales

Territory: (Central/Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut)
Phone: 508-740-4803
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: gferreira@neponsetcontrols.com

Mike Friese
Inside Sales Manager / Sanitary Applications Specialist

Phone: 508-543-4801 ext. 101
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: mfriese@neponsetcontrols.com

Marc Maughan
Field Service Engineer

Phone: 508-740-9501
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email:  mmaughan@neponsetcontrols.com

Bob Rector
Outside Sales

Territory: (Eastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island)
Phone: 508-740-9667
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: rrector@neponsetcontrols.com

Brian Rolfe
Outside Sales

Territory: (Maine and New Hampshire)
Phone: 207-660-2888
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: brolfe@neponsetcontrols.com

Derek Russell, P.E.
Outside Sales

Territory: (North Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Vermont) 
Phone: 508-740-2321
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: drussell@neponsetcontrols.com

Ben Whalen
Application Project Engineer

Phone: 508-543-4801
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: bwhalen@neponsetcontrols.com

Janet Whalen
Office Manager / Accounting

Phone: 508-543-4801 ext. 117
Fax:     508-543-9852
Email: jwhalen@neponsetcontrols.com