ABB 266DSH Differential Pressure Transmitter, .87 to 87 PSI

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This transmitter features in-field replaceable electronics module that thanks to the auto-configuration functionality dramatically improves plant productivity. Its intuitive plug-and-play display with easy setup procedure really helps users by saving time and lowering maintenance and inventory costs. Moreover, the innovative TTG (Through The Glass) technology allow users to configure the instruments in the field without removing the windowed front cover and consequently to save a lot of time setting all parameters by using the finger tips in few minutes.


Span Limits / Base Accuracy M 6 and 600 kPa (0.06 and 6 bar, 0.87 and 87 psi) / Base accuracy 0.06%
Maximum Working Pressure (Static Pressure) S Standard Static
Diaphragm Material / Fill Fluid S AISI 316L ss / Silicone oil (NACE)
Process Flanges and Adapters Material / Connection A AISI 316L ss / 1/4 in. - 18 NPT female direct (horizontal connection)
Bolts Material / Gasket Material 2 AISI 316 ss / PTFE
Housing Material / Electrical Connection A Aluminium alloy (Barrel version) / 1/2 in. - 14 NPT
Output 1 HART and 4 to 20 mA - Advanced functionality
Vent and Drain Valve Material / Position V2 AISI 316L ss / On flanges side top (NACE)
Hazardous Area Certification E6 FM Approvals (USA) approval (XP, DIP, IS, NI, Type N)
Integral LCD L5 Digital LCD integral display with TTG (Through The Glass) activated keypad
Mounting Bracket Shape / Material B2 For pipe/wall mounting - AISI 316L ss
Surge / Transient Protector S2 Surge / Transient protector
Configuration N2 Standard pressure = in. H2O / psi at 68 °F; Temperature=deg.F