ABB FEW315 2" WaterMaster Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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WaterMaster is the ultimate solution for flow measurement and management in sectors as diverse as water, waste water, sewage and effluent. 

WaterMaster's performance adheres to the most stringent global industry standards and is certified to key international approvals. Proven in the toughest applications, Its rugged, robust and buriable sensors eliminate the need of expensive meter chambers. Thereby, WaterMaster flowmeters provide a long, productive and maintenance-free asset life. Take advantage of its innovative and versatile attributes to achieve interoperability within a wide range of asset management systems.


FEW315 - WaterMaster FEW315 Electromagnetic Flowmeter system, full bore, DN 10... DN 600 (3/8 ... 24 in.), integral mount
Bore Diameter 050 DN 50 (2 in.)
Liner Material H Hard rubber
Electrode Design 1 Standard
Measuring Electrodes Material D Hastelloy C-4 (2.4610)
Grounding Accessories 4 2x Potential Equalizing Rings (Stainless Steel)
Process Connection Type A1 Flanges ANSI / ASME B16.5 / 16.47 series B Class 150
Process Connection Material B Carbon steel
Usage Certifications 1 Standard (without PED)
Calibration Type A Standard factory calibration
Temperature Range of Installation / Ambient Temperature Range 1 Standard design / -20 ... 60 °C (-4 ... 140 °F)
Name Plate A Adhesive label
Signal Cable Length and Type 0 Without signal cable
Explosion Protection Certification P usFMc Div. 2
Protection Class Transmitter / Protection Class Sensor 1 IP 67 (NEMA 4X) / IP 67 (NEMA 4X), integral
Cable Conduits B NPT 1/2 in.
Power Supply 3 100 ... 230 V AC, 60 Hz
Input and Output Signal Type A HART + 20 mA + Pulse + Contact output
Configuration Type / Diagnostics Type 1 Parameters set to factory defaults / Standard diagnostic functions activated
Documentation Language M5 English (standard)
Verification Type V3 VeriMaster
Number of Testpoints T3 3 Points


Instrument Warranty Subject to Manufacture.