Mettler Toledo 0970 Ringmount Ultra-Flat Weigh Modules Load Cells

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Low Profile

0970 Ringmount Weigh Modules have a very low profile due to use of a ring torsion compression load cell with self-aligning load pin.  This feature allows weighing in applications were very little headroom exists.

High Accuracy

0970 Ringmount Weigh Modules are available with C3 or C6 OIML analog load cells.  C6 OIML load cells provide the highest level of system accuracy available with analog industrial load cells. 

Product Features

  • Capacity Range
    250gk-10t (550-22,000lb)
  • Ultra-Low Profile
    Requires less headroom
  • Durable
    316 SS hardware standard
  • Safe
    All safety features integrated
  • Fully approved
    Global approvals standard

Corrosion Resistant

0970 Ringmount  Weigh Modules are provided with grade 316 stainless steel mounting plates standard; providing a high degree of corrosion resistance in harsh environments.