Mettler Toledo Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer TDL, GPro 500

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GPro 500
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Tunable diode laser analyzers (TDL analyzers) are gas analyzers designed for measuring the concentration of specific species within a gas mixture using laser absorption spectrometry. TDL analyzers by METTLER TOLEDO are recognized as a low-maintenance tool built for speed and accuracy of measurement, and immunity to background gases. The GPro 500 series of tunable diode laser spectrometers offers a range of process adaptions to ensure your process needs and measurement requirements are met.

Fast Response In Safety Applications
An oxygen gas analyzer for safety applications, the GPro 500 provides a fast response time in combustion control and inerting applications.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs
This oxygen gas analyzer is designed to operate in situ without a maintenance-prone conditioning system, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Easy Installation
The GPro 500 is an alignment-free TDL gas analyzer, meaning that the typical challenges of TDL installation and alignment are significantly reduced.


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