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United Electric E100-13545

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The 100 Series is simple to install and operate for alarm, safety and emergency shutdown applications where preserving process uptime, and protecting personnel and equipment are paramount. A rugged switch, the 100 Series is ideal for both heavy industry and the OEM, and carries global agency certification. As an electromechanical switch, it can safely operate independently of the control system and switch reliably when called upon, free from potential communication errors or cyber concerns.

Typical applications that utilize the 100 Series include controlling rotating equipment – pumps, turbines, and compressors, heat tracing, fire suppression systems, and fuel/gas trains.




Adjustable Setpoint Range - 25-325 F

Max Temperature = 360 F 

Bulb Size = 3/8 x 3-1/4"



Instrument Warranty is subjected to specific Manufacturer.