ABB CM15 Process Controller

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The CM15 is a feature-packed 1/8 DIN universal process indicator. A crystal-clear, full-color, TFT display shows operators exactly the information they need to know and provides operation menus in full text, making the CM15 easy and intuitive to use. 

Available as a basic indication-only model, or enhanced through plug-and-play function keys and I/O modules, the CM15 offers totalization, level, math, logic, counter and alarm functions, making it extremely flexible and able to solve many tricky application requirements. MODBUS® and Ethernet communication options ensure easy integration and connectivity to supervisory or control systems.

I/O Build

1 Basic + option board 1a (2 analog inputs, 1 analog output & 2 relays)
Template / Functionality level 0 Base
Communications 0 None
Approval U cULus
Power supply 0 90 ... 264 V AC
HMI Language E English
Special fetaures 0 None
Configuration /STD Standard