ABB CM301S0U0E0STD, CM30 Process Controller

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The ControlMaster CM30 is a flexible, 1/4 DIN, universal PID process controller that boasts a clear,  full-color TFT display and an intuitive operator interface that simplifies configuration and operation.

Highly scalable in both hardware and software functionality, a CM30 can be specified easily to meet the needs of virtually any process control application – simple or advanced. Powerful control functions such as adaptive control, math, logic and totalization provide problem-solving flexibility and make the CM30 suitable for a wide range of process applications.


CM30/ - ControlMaster CM30 Universal Process Controller, 1/4 DIN
  I/O Build 1 Basic + option board 1a (2 analog inputs, 1 analog output & 2 relays)
  Template / Functionality Level S Standard
  Communications 0 None
  Approval U cULus
  Power Supply 0 90 ... 264 V AC
  HMI Language E English
  Special Features 0 None
  Configuration /STD Standard


Instrument Warranty subject to Manufacturer.