Teledyne Thermal Conductivity Transmitter 2000XTC

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The Model 2000XTC Transmitter resets the standard for thermal conductivity detector based applications with the process control industry. As an intrinsically safe transmitter, packaged within a rugged, weatherproof housing, the 2000XTC is suitable for use in harsh, hazardous outdoor environments. Using a novel, solid-state thermal conductivity sensor, this cost effective  transmitter can be configured to detect H2, He, N2 Ar, CO2 a number of other gases of or a number of other gases of interest in binary or multi-component interest in binary or multi-component  sample gas mixtures.



  • Analog Outputs: 0-1 VDC, 4-20 mADC (isolated)
  • Range Identification Outputs: 0-1 VDC, 4-20 mADC (isolated)
  • Ranges: contact factory
  • 24 V power required
  • Intrinsically safe; CENELEC / ATEX as per EEx ib IIC - T3 per EN 50020
  • Configured to detect H2, He, N2, Ar, CO2 or a number of other gases of interest in binary or multi-component sample gas mixtures
  • No reference gas requirements
  • Temperatures controlled TCD providing excellent zero and span stability over a wide temperature range
  • Intrinsically safe design allowing for use in hazardous areas
  • Robust, weatherproof housing suitable for outdoor installations
  • 10 feet of interconnection cable
  • Interface unit: DIN rail mounting (UL 64 flammability rating)
  • Transmitter: wall mount, NEMA 4x (IP66)
  • Small, space-saving compact design
  • Simple to install
  • Instruction manual