Teledyne Total Chlorine Analyzer TCA330

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Total Chlorine Sensor

Total Chlorine is the combined amount of free chlorine, chloramine, organic and bound chlorine in the sample. The TCA Sensor is a three electrode Amperometric sensor with a gold cathode, silver halide anode and 304 SS counter electrode. The counter electrode provides a stable base potential that minimizes drift. The TCA sensor has a microporous membrane that allows ions to diffuse in and out of the sensor. The various chlorine species in the measured solution diffuse into the sensor and react with the acidic potassium iodide electrolyte to form iodine. 

The iodine is reduced at the cathode back to iodide and the current flow between the cathode and silver iodide anode is proportional to the total chlorine. The use of the pH sensor provides accurate compensation for samples between pH 4 and pH 12 and eliminates the need for an expensive sample conditioning system to control the pH of the solution. The LXT330 allows either parameter to be graphically displayed with user defined ranges allowing easy trend analysis.​



  • Panel mounted free chlorine analyzer
  • LXT330 based universal transmitter and SP3 smart sensors for PH & CHLORINE
  • Constant head flow device ensuring minimum flow rate to sensors
  • AC & DC powered